PRISME laboratory
Multidisciplinary in the general domain of engineering sciences

The PRISME laboratory seeks to carry out multidisciplinary research in the general domain of engineering sciences over a broad range of subject areas, including combustion in engines, energy engineering, aerodynamics, the mechanics of materials, image and signal processing, automatic control and robotics.


Three main units

The INSA Centre Val de Loire and Orléans University are jointly responsible for this laboratory, which is organised into three units:

  • F2ME unit: Fluids, Mechanics, Materials, Energy.
  • IRAuS unit: Images, Robotics, Automatic control and Signal.
  • Cross-disciplinary unit: Industrial and Environmental Risks, Control of Energy Systems and Health Engineering.

There are some 170 research professors, engineers, technicians and PhD students working for this laboratory across several sites in Bourges, Orléans, Chartres, Châteauroux and Paris for example.

Thematic objectives

With regard to the part of the laboratory hosted by the INSA Centre Val de Loire, the thematic objectives are as follows:

  • Explosion risk assessment: physicochemistry of explosive substances Initiation of explosions Propagation of blast waves following explosions Explosive processes.
  • Dynamics of structures and connections: Transitory responses and propagation Response of connected structures Dynamics of explosion-structure interfaces.
  • Structural vulnerability: behaviour of a structure subjected to an explosion Fragmentation study Fragment impacts.
  • Robotics from several angles: design, perception, control-command.
  • Image processing.
  • Automatic control: control tools, state estimation, identification and dependability (reliability, diagnosis, maintenance).

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