The Centre-Val de loire INSA and graduate employment

If we are to train engineers, we must also give them the keys to finding a job more easily. The Centre-Val de Loire INSA works closely alongside companies:

  • Through representation of the world of business on the school's boards and the employment of professionals on temporary teaching contracts who come and share their expertise with our students on specific subjects every year.
  • Through placements that our students do at regular intervals during their five-year course and industrial assignments set by companies looking to develop an industrial project.
  • Through the specific status of "partner company", which strengthens and develops communication between these companies and the school.
  • Lastly through events organised annually, such as the company forum, conferences and visits to companies.

The Centre-Val de Loire INSA is a member of competitiveness clusters….

The Centre-Val de Loire INSA is a stakeholder in 4 competitiveness clusters: S2E2, Elastopôle, Via Méca and Pôle Risques.

…and the project IDEFI “InnovENT-E”

The project IDEFI “InnovENT-E” brings together the INSA Group, the CESI, Universities of Technology and Lorraine University for the purposes of setting up a French institute offering open courses and distance learning to support the start-up and development of SME/SMI in export terms. The Centre-Val de Loire INSA and Centre Region have now joined this project as a sign of their shared commitment to being innovators.

Placements: 11 months’ worth of company placements

Eleven months of placements or assignments are scheduled over the five years of the course.

Programmation Durée minimale Intitulé
End of Year 1 1 month Initial work-experience (“ouvrier”) placement
Year 4 4 months Placement or assignment
Year 5 6 months End-of-course placement
Total 11 months  

Industrial assignments

The Centre-Val de Loire INSA provides companies with a highly effective, flexible tool tailored to industrial reality: the Industrial Assignment. This makes it possible, within a professional environment, to take on a project arising out of a specific industrial need that the company is unable to carry out alone.

Key points:

  • The assignment can be carried out wherever it would be most useful (company, school or both).
  • The school tasks two students (under a placement agreement) as well as any teacher or researcher who could help to complete the assignment – i.e. 8 months-people plus supervision.
  • The school makes its infrastructure available.
  • The assignment lasts for 4 months, from April to July.
  • It gives rise to a financial contribution to the Centre-Val de Loire INSA and the students involved.

Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR)/Prestation Technologique Réseau (PTR) approval
The industrial assignment may qualify for financial assistance in the form of the Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) or the Prestation Technologique Réseau (PTR) if it is of an innovative nature.