INSA Centre Val de Loire

The Centre-Val de Loire National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) is a Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution (EPSCP) established by the French Decree No.2013-521 of 19 June 2013 published in the French Official Gazette of 21 June 2013. The Centre-Val de Loire INSA is a public engineering school of the INSA Group. Located on the Blois and Bourges campuses in the Centre region, the Centre-Val de Loire INSA trains multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial landscape architects and engineers over five years, equipping them with an inclusive, open mind and a high level of scientific and humanistic knowledge.

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Key figures

1 680 students
5 speciality departments
6 research laboratories
2 campuses in Blois and Bourges, in the Loire Valley Region

Ten good reasons to join us

  1. A public school that awards engineering degrees and PhDs
  2. Strength in numbers: part of the INSA Group
  3. Five speciality departments
  4. Our values: equality, accessibility and excellence
  5. Customised follow-up of study paths
  6. International experience is a priority
  7. Partner companies
  8. Cutting-edge research
  9. Outstanding graduate employment record
  10. Thriving extracurricular life

Entrances to the Bourges and Blois campuses © INSA CVL

Key dates in the Centre-Val de loire Insa’s foundation

21 June 2013 : Publication in the French Official Gazette of the decree establishing the Centre-Val de Loire National Institute of Applied Sciences, French Decree No. 2013-521 of 19 June 2013
21 June 2013 - 31 december 2013 : Three educational institutions – Centre-Val de Loire INSA, Val de Loire ENI (National Engineering School) and Bourges ENSI (Graduate Engineering School) – in coexistence
1er January 2014 : Merger of the Val de Loire ENI and Bourges ENSI in the Centre-Val de Loire INSA
September 2014 : First university year begins at the Centre-Val de Loire INSA
1er January 2015 : integration of the National Graduate School for Nature and Landscape, which becomes the 5th department of the Centre Val de Loire INSA (ENP)