The Sports/Studies Programme and High-Level Sports Section

The INSA Centre Val de Loire is providing a combined sports and studies programme through setup of a special section for high-level athletes (registered on ministerial lists) and a sports/studies programme for athletes at or on the road to national level. Parasports and refereeing are also included.

1st-year admission conditions:

Apply on the APB (Post-Bac Admission) website by ticking the “filière sport de haut niveau” box; you will then be sent a paper application form.
You must have an adequate sporting level: either high-level athlete (registered on a ministerial list) or national- or near national-level athlete.
You must have the educational level required for entry into the INSA Group; bear in mind that applications from athletes for this section are studied separately.

3rd-year admission conditions:

After passing the competitive examination, report to the section head as an applicant (before interview).

Engineering studies:

Requirement levels and content will be the same as for other students.
It is always hard to choose between your career in sports and continuing with your higher education in order to prepare your future. The special section set up by the INSA Centre Val de Loire will enable you to combine the two by the way studies are organised:
- Extension of the study programme enabling you to spread the first two years over three years and then progress at your own pace
- A lighter weekly timetable enabling you to adapt to constraints imposed by your training schedule
- A tutor to help you coordinate your programme over the years
- Organisation of support courses to help you catch up if necessary

Sports training:

Special attention will be paid to training conditions, with setup of collaboration with:
- training bodies in Blois, Bourges, Tours and Orleans (clubs, Pôles France, Pôles Espoir, and training centres)
- listed medical staff enabling rapid access to treatment

Supervised physical preparation and selective help with organisation of students’ sporting lives are also planned.

Professional future:

High-level sports teach behaviour and values that resonate in the business world. Employers who recruit athletes appreciate their outstanding qualities of adaptation and stringency, their ability to manage stress and their capacity for teamwork.
Their personal fulfilment and success on all fronts convey a positive image much appreciated by companies.

Through organisation of studies and setup of conditions favourable to training, this special programme will enable students to fulfil a dual ambition: to become an engineer and to excel in the sport of their choice.