Bilingual International Stream

The Bilingual International Stream at the INSA Centre Val de Loire can be accessed from year one of the first cycle, with the purpose of preparing students during their first two semesters for the international aspects of their future engineering job - right from the start of their course. The maximum number of students that can take part in this Stream at the INSA Centre Val de Loire is 28: 50% French students and 50% international students with a high school diploma (equivalent to the French baccalauréat).

The benefits of the Bilingual International Stream

You can join the bilingual international stream as a French or foreign applicant.
The programme is the same as the one for the normal Engineering Science and Technology (STPI) stream
• English compulsory
• French as a Foreign Language (FLE) for non-French speakers
• Compulsory initial work placement at the end of Year 1
with the following differences:
• scientific teaching during Year 1 given 70% in English and 30% in French
• smaller groups for tutorials and practicals
• course material in English
• one-on-one guidance, scientific support
• tutoring
• advanced language classes
• FLE summer school (05/08/2019-30/08/2019)
• cultural activities: excursions, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

In the 3rd semester the Bilingual International Stream joins the normal stream for the pre-specialisation modules towards one of the three departments at the INSA Centre Val de Loire: Industrial Risk Control and Information Technology and Cybersecurity on the Bourges campus and Industrial Systems Engineering on the Blois campus.


• Applicants with a French Baccalauréat:
o apply through the parcours sup admission portal
• Applicants with a high school diploma awarded in a foreign country:
o apply through the INSA Group admissions website

Tuition fees for foreign students joining the Bilingual International Stream:

Total cost for the first year of study: €5,000
• enrolment in Year 1
• FLE summer school before beginning Year 1, lasting 80 hours (accommodation in a university hall of residence)
• educational assistance: small groups, support
• FLE classes in groups depending on level, throughout Year 1
• guidance with finding a placement
• guidance with administrative procedures
• introduction to French culture

Grants are available for foreign-nationality students. Students who are interested must submit a request to the International Relations Department of the INSA Centre Val de Loire.