October 2015

July / August 2015

  • From 6 July to 28 August 2015: some fifteen foreign students are expected to attend the Summer School in French as a Foreign Language on the Bourges campus, taught by Format France together with the INSA Centre Val de Loire. We wish them a very warm welcome and hope they enjoy their stay in Bourges!

June 2015

From 1 to 6 June 2015 the Centre-Val de Loire welcomed students on the ACES Program at the University of Maryland. They attended scientific workshops with research professors from the Bourges campus, met with companies in the Centre Region and went on cultural sightseeing tours.

May 2015

  • On 14 and 15 May 2015 a delegation from the INSA Centre Val de Loire took part in the Franco-Columbian university meetings,  an opportunity to go back over the activities underway and to define the work plan for the years ahead. Academic and scientific cooperation between France and Columbia is developing in leaps and bounds. The tradition of teacher-student exchanges between our two countries goes back a long way. The 2010 mutual recognition agreement concerning degrees gave a fresh boost in this regard. The INSA Centre Val de Loire has forged several agreements with Columbia, especially the UNAL, EIA, UdeA, EAFIT, Uniandes and ECI Julio Gravito. This May trip to Columbia gave the delegation the chance to meet some of these partners (EIA / EAFIT / UNAL) and to strike up negotiations with Columbia National University with a view to setting up a double degree agreement between UNAL and the INSA Group.


  • Tuesday 5 May 2015, 1 p.m. / Petit Amphithéatre, Blois Campus
    Conference: Wind of changes at the Tallinn University of Technology / By Prof. Toomas Rang
    Head of the Department of Electronics (ELIN)
    Vice Dean for Research and Development of the Faculty of the Information Technology

    The Department of Electronics (ELIN) is an internationally acknowledged institution in Tallinn University of Technology, developing high- level scientific and engineering activities in the fields of semiconductor and medicine electronics. ELIN offers through its scientific and study laboratories a suitable environment for both research and training in developing our abilities and skills in areas such as design of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, new solutions in nano– and medicine electronics, specific methods in signal processing as well as in bio-nano-info convergence and symbiosis.
    The reputation of ELIN is based on its remarkable scientific achievements. Our high-quality scientific research has led to a number of innovative solutions that are being used in international industries. I could mention, for example, successful solutions in signal processing related IC-s for pace-makers or developments in the manufacturing technologies for SiC and GaAs based power semiconductor devices.

March 2015

  • From 18 to 21 March 2015, a delegation from the INSA Centre Val de Loire headed to Toulouse to take part in the 3rd MEXFITEC Forum – Mexique France Ingénieurs TEChnologie. This is a bilateral initiative for engineering courses which develops greater mobility for Mexican students in France and French students in Mexico through direct partnerships between the institutions signed up to the programme.
  • From 11 to 13 March 2015, a delegation from the INSA Centre Val de Loire headed to Santa Fe in Argentina for the 5th Forum of the ARFITEC Programme – Argentine France Ingénieurs TEChnologie. This programme is based on the setting up of cooperation projects between Argentinian and French higher education institutions that are responsible for training engineers.


February 2015

  • 25 Chinese sixth-formers (high school students) from Xinhua college in Tianjin, China, visited the INSA Centre Val de Loire on 4 February 2015.

January 2015

  • Signature of a collaboration and double degree agreement between the Khouribga National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) and INSA Centre Val de Loire.
  • Signature of a collaboration and double degree agreement between the Agadir ENSA and INSA Centre Val de Loire.